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Two Dogs

Consultation & Diagnostics

Just like humans, despite of the best health care and nutrition, we do get sick every now and again. Our clinic consults from Monday to Saturday for any illness or injury your pets may have. 

We will check your pets thoroughly in the physical examination to find out any obvious problem and treat it accordingly. Sometimes further testing such as X-ray or blood test may be needed to investigate some internal problems.


We are equipped with an extensive range of diagnostic equipment in order to help us make the diagnosis and treatment plans such as Xray, Blood test machines, urine analysis, faecal analysis and in house testing kits etc.


For advanced blood tests and tissue pathology such as tumour classification, we will send the sample away to external laboratories for testings. We will analyse the result with the laboratories and explain our findings to you.

We also provide a wide range of consultation such as joint health management for senior animals as well as general geriatric health profile blood tests etc. If you have a cross breed dog with an unknown history, we also provide a state-of-the-art DNA blood test that will tell you the exact family tree of your dog and what breed his/her parents may be! 

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