Vaccinations & Health Checks


We provide yearly vaccination and health check to our patients. Our vet will do a thorough full body health check before the vaccines is given to make sure your pets are all healthy. Any questions or concerns about your pet’s health care will also be answered by our vet in the consultation.

Vaccines are medications designed to stimulate the body’s immune system to produce disease-fighting antibodies to protect against disease.


Dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets should be regularly vaccinated to protect them from many highly contagious and infectious diseases.


When animals are born, mothers pass on some immunity to their babies through colostrums in their milk, but this protection is only temporary and the best way to ensure a long and happy life for your pet is to provide protection with vaccination against common disease.

So what vaccinations are needed for my pet?


Dog : C3 and C5 vaccines are available here for the following diseases:

  • Canine distemper

  • Canine parvovirus

  • Canine hepatitis

  • Bordetella ( Kennel cough)

  • Parainfluenza ( Kennel cough)

Cats: F3 vaccine is the core vaccine available here but we also provide FIV and FeLv vaccines too

  • Feline respiratory disease ( Cat flu)

  • Feline Panleucopenia/ Parvovirus

  • Feline Leukaemia Virus ( FeLv)

  • Feline immunodeficiency virus ( FIV)

Rabbits: Cylap vaccines are available to cover Calicivirus ( Haemorrhagic viral disease) in rabbits

Ferrets: Ferret shares similar diseases with dogs especially canine distemper. So a C3 vaccine is commonly given to them.