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We are equipped with modern anaesthetic equipments and surgical theatre for many major and minor surgeries. We perform surgeries range from desexing to more advanced procedures such as eye ablation and orthopaedic surgery such as cruciate ligament rupture repair.

We use extremely safe and high quality anaesthetic drugs and monitoring equipments to make sure the highest safety level for your pets. Every pet undergoes surgery in our clinic will be given pre-anaesthetic tranquillizer and pain relief to prepare them for the operation.


Pain relief and antibiotics may also be prescribed after the surgery depending on the type of operation the animals are having. Simply speaking, we do everything we can to ensure the safest, stress-free, pain-minimised surgery and recovery for our patients.


Most of our surgeries only require a day stay at the clinic. Your pet will be going home the same day.

However, some major surgeries may take longer for your pet to recover and they may need to stay in the hospital overnight or for a few days to recover. Our vet will discuss with you what your pet may need before the surgery.


We also offer optional pre-anaesthetic blood test and Intravenous fluid during the operation for an affordable extra cost. They greatly increase the safety level of the anaesthetic and speed up the recovery of your pets. So we strongly recommend all our surgical patients to have these options. Again, our vet will discuss with you about these options before the surgery.


We understand how daunting it may be when it comes down to “Having a surgery”. That’s why we are here for you whenever you have questions or if you are anxious about risks. Don’t feel shy to raise all your concerns and questions because that’s the reason why we are here for you!

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