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Over the Counter

We have a wide range of pet merchandise products in stock in order to accommodate different needs of each patient. From pharmaceutical medication to over the counter daily care products, we will have what you need for the best care of your pets!


 Even if the products that you request are not in stock, we are more than happy to make a special order for you.


If you are not sure what products are the best for your pets' special needs, don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff! Your satisfaction and your pets' health are our top priority!


The following products are some of the over the counter we sell:


  • ​Flea prevention

  • Heartworm prevention

  • Intestinal wormers

  • Natural / prescription shampoo and condition

  • Joint supplement

  • Premium pet food

  • Collar and leads

  • Dental health products

  • Ear cleaners

  • General supplements

  • Nail clippers

  • Muzzle/ harnass

  • Elizabeth Collar (mainly used after surgery)

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