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Along with regular exercise and veterinary care, careful nutrition is the best way you can contribute to your pet's prolonged good health...

To make sure your pets receive the best nutrition they need, we recommend you to: 


  • Feed premium pet foods. Premium foods offer high-quality ingredients, are made by companies specialising in nutritional research, and show a solid track record of quality and palatability. Feeding premium foods will decrease the incidence of skin issues, the amount of faeces due to less fillers and higher digestibility.


  • Feeding generic pet foods may lead to obesity, irregular bowel movements, or excess intestinal gas.  We sell royal canin prescription range as well as maintenance range in the clinic. Please talk to us to find the most suitable food for your pet’s need.


  • Make sure the food is fresh. When you purchase pet food, check for freshness and purchase only the amount necessary for your pet. Store pet food in a cool, dry place and keep it tightly closed. Discard uneaten food and always place fresh food in a clean bowl. In general, hard food (or "kibble") is preferred for maintaining dental health and minimizing tartar build-up. Soft, canned food tends to be more palatable and can be stored for longer. 


  • Feed the right amount. Ask us or check the label for how much to feed according to your pet's ideal weight (not necessarily the same as their current weight). Avoid feeding pets as much as they want or feeding a large amount at one time. Doing so can lead to obesity, gastrointestinal upset, or even bloat, a life threatening condition. 


  • Maintain a daily routine. A regular schedule will help your pet keep normal bowel movements and avoid indoor accidents. Younger pets need to be fed more frequently, as they are usually more energetic and burn more calories. 

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