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Two Dogs


Did you know that it is a legal obligation that all dogs and cats be microchipped by 12 weeks of age and registered with your local council by the age of 6 months?

Many stray animals are brought to the vet or council pound without a microchip. As much as you love them and miss them, without a chip, the council and the vet will not be able to find their owner and send them home. 


And due to that, many of these beloved animals are put to sleep every year. You may not think the microchip is that important but when your pet gets lost, it may be the only thing that can save them and reunite them with the family.


Our clinic provides the implantation of the microchip on an affordable cost and minimal discomfort for your pets.  You will need to register with the council after the microchip is implanted and pay a one off lifetime registration fee. Desexed animals attract a much cheaper registration fee than undesexed animals.


Puppies and kitten are routinely microchipped but it is never too late to microchip your pets even though you have an older animal! Don’t forget, you never know when they may jump over the fence and wander off to the street when you are off guard!

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