House Calls


We understand that sometimes it may be very hard to bring your pets to the vet due to various reasons. Long working hour of the owner, lack of transportation, Size of the patient or your pets seem to be not mobile are all the reasons that you may need a family house call.


Our vet will come to your house for a home visit upon your request. We normally do our house call around mid day between 11am- 4pm. But special time can be organised if needed.  During this visit a physical examination and simple diagnostics can be performed.


Euthanasia at home is also an available option. However, we will need plenty of notice in order to organise assisting staff to help our vet in the procedure. Generally, we do not recommend this option for cat patients since they have more chance of escaping and hiding away at home.


We find that our elder cat patients appear less distressed when they that procedure in our clinic.