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It’s never easy to say goodbye to our beloved family member, be it our human family or our furry friends. And making that last but most important decision for them can be heartbreaking and difficult. We fully understand your pain because we are all pet owners in our clinic as well and we have gone through the same thing before. 


When the time comes to put your pet to sleep our vets will do everything to make sure euthanasia is the last and kindest option for your pets. We do not make this recommendation lightly but we will be professional and honest with you when we think it is the best.


And when we recommend this option to you, we will explain all the reasons behind our suggestion and also to answer all your questions.


Putting your pets to sleep is a peaceful procedure. We use the highest quality medication in order to give your pets the quickest and most peaceful passing.

The procedure is not painful and your pets will simply fall sleepy before they pass. It is technically an overdose of anaesthetic. In some occasions, a dose of sedation may be given to them before the procedure for a more nervous animal.


You will have the option of staying with your pets when we do the procedure. You can even hold them in your arm when we do it if you wish. However, you can always say goodbye to them and leave the room if it is too traumatising for you to stay.


All body disposal options and cost will be discussed with you by the vet. You may choose to take the body home or organise an individual cremation and take the ash home in a beautiful Urn/box if you wish. We can also look after the body for you as well.


It is a natural human process to go through a period of grief. This period is very individual, lasting different lengths of time for different people. Often the loss of a pet can be made more difficult as society doesn’t generally offer as much support to those grieving for their animal family members.


The best thing to do is to accept and express your feelings by talking to genuinely caring friends and family. Finding your own special ways to remember and cherish your pet will also help your grieving process.

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