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Desexing or neutering your pet is a surgical procedure that prevents them from being able to reproduce. This is the most commonly performed surgery in the vet hospitals and you animals will only need to stay for the day for the operation. They will go home at the evening the same day generally.

The most common age to desex your pet is around 6 months, however they are never too old to be desexed. Desexing your pet will also make your lifetime registration fee with the council much cheaper. There are many benefits to desexing your pet before 6 months. 

So what are the benefits of desexing your pet?

  • Preventing unwanted litters, which can be very costly, and may add to the already overwhelming number of stray animals that are put down each year.

  • In males it prevents cases of testicular cancer, prostate disease, anal tumors and if one or more testicles have been retained (not dropped down) they can become cancerou

  • In females it can help prevent a pyometra (infection of the uterus which can cause death if not treated) and mammary tumours (breast cancer) which can be fatal.

  • Stopping the “heat” cycle in females  

  • Decreasing aggression towards humans and other animals, especially in males

  • Being less prone to wander, especially in males, the ratio of male to female animals hit by cars is significantly higher in intact- males. 

  • Living a longer and healthier life

  • Reduction of council registration fees

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